There are basic controls such as up, down, left, right, Ctrl, and Alt. But there is also Hotkeys. they are G, R, E, S, K, Q, W, M, B, I , F, O, C, Z, P. There are more. In the game, you can press \ to see the others. And there is another thing. Party Quests. They are quests that you can do at certain levels. They are required to have a party. A party is a group of people. Then, when you make the party, you can do the Party Quest. Sometimes you need to change channels. You can do that by using the menue button. Then press change channel and try again. But Party Quests are extra quests that give you EXP. EXP is your lvel points. The higher EXP you have, the more you have, the closer you get to leveling up. Here are some of the basic Party Quests. Moonbunney levels 10 - 200, First Time Together levels 21 - 30, Mu Lung Dojo levels 25 - 200, Subway Station levels 25 - 30, Monster Carnival 1 level

30 - 50, Monster Carnival 2 levels 51 - 200, Zakum levels 50 - 200, Crimson Balrog levels 50 - 200, Horntail levels 80 - 200, Chaoss Zakum levels 90- 200, Chaoss Horntail levels 110 - 200, Goddess levels 50 - 200, Romeo and Juelet levels 80 - 200, and finally, Pink Bean levels 120 - 200. There are going to be more party quests to come so keep waiting for them to come out!